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By June 17, 2015Books

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The whirlwind State of Emergency frenzy continues. Today I was pleased to join Jenny Milchman to share a few reflections about ‘learning on the job’ as part of her Made it Moments series. Jenny is fantastic, and a great supporter of new and upcoming authors, so get behind her site. Check it out here.

Speaking of getting behind up and comers, Danno D’Aprano is a writer / blogger / journalist on the rise himself. He interviewed me last year and I was pleased to get an email saying he’s reviewed Fireplay and The Foundation on his new(ish) site – Ruby Metafiction. His site also has a wicked logo (the header to this post). Check out the reviews here.

About Steve P Vincent

Steve P. Vincent lives with his wife in a pokey apartment in Melbourne, Australia, where he’s forced to write on the couch in front of an obnoxiously large television. When he’s not writing thrillers such as The Foundation and Fireplay, Steve keeps food and flat whites on the table working for the man. He enjoys beer, whisky, sports and dreaming up ever more elaborate conspiracy theories to write about. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science and History. His honors thesis was on the topic of global terrorism. He has traveled extensively through Europe, the United States and Asia.

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