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Some rules can’t be broken.

Mitch Herron is one of the deadliest contract killers on Earth, an assassin used to snuffing out the most dangerous threats. But to save millions of innocent people from a brutal death, he disobeyed orders and now there’s a price on his head.

When his enemies come to collect, Herron is flushed from hiding and plunged into a life or death battle with The Shadow Enclave. The organization he once killed for doesn’t tolerate dissent and as mayhem swirls around him, Herron will uncover secrets they’ll kill to protect.

This time, it’s kill or be killed.

Praise for Steve P. Vincent:

Finalist for Best Debut Novel

2015 International Thriller Awards

Finalist for Best Debut Novel

2015 Australian Crime Writers Association Awards

"Great fun. A two-fisted thriller, escaped from five minutes into the future."

John BirminghamAuthor of the Dave Hooper series

About the author

Steve P. Vincent lives with his wife in a pokey apartment in Melbourne, Australia, where he’s forced to write on the couch in front of an obnoxiously large television. He doesn’t have any children, but he does have a demanding goldfish.

When he’s not writing, Steve enjoys beer, whisky, sports and dreaming up ever more elaborate conspiracy theories to write about. Oh, and travel. He’s travelled extensively through Europe, the United States and Asia.

Steve has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science and History, with a thesis on global terrorism. He has received instruction from the FBI and the Australian Army.