Path to Publication IV: Cover and marketing

  You can’t judge a book by its cover, but I reckon that’s how the majority of people make a decision about whether to read a blurb and pull the trigger on purchasing a book, especially those by debut authors. Enter Path to Publication IV: The cover and marketing (click here and here and here … Read more

First blurb from one of my fave dudes

So I have a pretty significant amount of time for John Birmingham. He’s awesome. He writes good, ‘splodey books and thinky political opinion thingos. So when I received at email saying he’d done a blurb for The Foundation, I got a little giddy. Or a lot giddy. I’ll let your imagination sort through it. What did … Read more

Path to Publication III: The edits

Accept. Accept. Accept. Accept. At the time of writing, that has been my life for four hours a night for the last week. It’s spilling over into other bits of life, too. I really want to hit ‘Reject Change’ on suggestions I empty the dishwasher, and ‘Delete Comment’ on most things I hear on public … Read more