That Steve guy is such a JERK

So I joined Jack Emery in a discussion about explosions, torture and hitting Ctrl-A / Delete on things that I don’t like. Thanks to Omnimystery for hosting the chat. Check it out here.

All Jack all the time

Taking a pause in the flurry of interviews and guest posts to announce that I’ve signed a fresh two book deal (plus a teeny novella) with Momentum. Looking forward to continuing Jack’s story for a while longer. More intrigue! More explosions! More deadlines!    

Article by Porter Anderson on Thoughtcatalog

Woke up this morning to read that Momentum, The Foundation and a bit of my publishing experience has been picked up by US publishing industry journalist supremo Porter Anderson. He writes about the book, how Momentum is breaking new ground in publishing and just how radical some of it is. Have a read here.

Interview with Phillipa Fioretti

I stopped in with Phillipa Fioretti at her awesome website. We discussed food… food… food in The Foundation… and I gave her a recipe for one of the few things I can cook. Check it out here.

Guest post at Writer Unboxed

I wrote a small piece for one of my favourite writing websites: Writer Unboxed. It’s 10 tips I would give to my newbie self six months ago, had I known 🙂 Check it out here

Interview with Rowena Wiseman

I stopped in to have a chat with Rowena Wiseman on her Out of Print Writing blog. We chatted about the book, writing inspiration and being the nervous first timer. Rowena is ace. Check it out here.  

Path to Publication V: The big day

No, you idiots, I’m already married. I typed this on the evening after the release of my first novel, The Foundation. But to avoid spamming my social media to death with ‘book stuff’, I let it stew for a few days prior to posting. This is the last of the Path to Publication posts. In … Read more

First Review!

I received a great message on Twitter that Fiona at had reviewed The Foundation. My favourite line? “This is a jet-setting, alarming, bang-pow-kaboom read full of metaphorical and literal bloodshed, political machinations you’ll hope desperately will never become reality, and late-night giant-popcorn-wielding funnies.” You can check out her review here. My thanks to Fiona … Read more

Release Day

The Foundation is now available globally from your favourite e-tailer of choice: Amazon (Kindle) iBook Store (Apple devices) Barnes and Noble (Nook devices) Google Play (All devices except Kindle) Kobo (All devices except Kindle) Thanks to everyone who has joined me for the ride. I’d love to hear your thoughts in a review or on … Read more