“The Foundation and Fireplay mark the beginnings of a vibrant thriller series with international appeal, slyly written and entertaining, which should satisfy fans of the genre.”

Newtown Review of Books

Great fun. A two-fisted thriller, escaped from five minutes into the future.

John Birmingham, author of the Dave Hooper and Disappearance trilogies

It’s power play after high-stakes political power play in this first instalment of the Jack Emery series… Jack’s race to expose the dark ambitions of the Foundation for a New America had us white-knuckling our iPad.

iBooks editors

A jet-setting, alarming, bang-pow-kaboom read full of metaphorical and literal bloodshed, political machinations you’ll hope desperately will never become reality, and late-night giant-popcorn-wielding funnies.


Steve P Vincent’s debut thriller hits the ground running hard. THE FOUNDATION, is a really tightly plotted conspiracy novel that feels uncomfortably like it could very well be based on real-life.


When a corrupt think tank, The Foundation for a New America, enlists a Taiwanese terrorist to bomb a World Trade Organization conference, the US and China are put on the path to war.

Star journalist Jack Emery is pulled into a story far more dangerous than he could have imagined. Because the Foundation’s deputy director, the ruthless Michelle Dominique, recognizes that whoever controls the message controls the world. And she will take control, no matter the price.

Enter Jack’s boss, Ernest McDowell, owner and chairman of the largest media empire on the planet. In the midst of political upheaval, EMCorp is about to become the final play in the Foundation’s plan. When Dominique traps the EMCorp owner in her web, Jack’s the only one left to expose the conspiracy before it’s too late.

As the world powers smash each other against the anvil of Taiwan, Jack will risk everything to battle the Foundation and prevent them from taking control amid the devastation of a global war.