A pair of reviews from AustCrimeFiction

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It’s my lucky week for reviews.

Pretty much the first and last word in Australian and New Zealand crime fiction reviews come from AustCrimeFiction, a great site that does an awesome job of supporting local authors.

Today they posted reviews of Fireplay and The Foundation and, much to my delight, both titles were very well received.

They said of Fireplay – The amount of action, detail and plot that’s served up turns this novella into a page-turner, and a sobering political / come action thriller.”

They said of The Foundation“An assured debut, The Foundation is a really tightly plotted conspiracy novel that feels uncomfortably like it could very well be based on real-life.”

ACF has my thanks for taking the time to review and, best news of all, there’s another review coming down the pipe in the next few weeks – State of Emergency.

Check out the Fireplay review here and The Foundation review here.