The Mitch Herron series

The Mitch Herron series (6 books)

Buckle up for an action-packed thriller series in which elite assassin Mitch Herron takes the fight to his former masters.

Mitch Herron’s business is death and business is good.

An assassin without equal, Herron’s latest job is no walk in the park, because fanatics hell-bent on cleansing the planet ambush Herron and turn him into a walking bioweapon.

With only days before he’s used to spread the most lethal contagion in human history, Herron must hunt down the fanatics and stop their attack, knowing he might be the only person who can.

The clock is ticking….

Buy The Omega Strain (Mitch Herron 1):

The hunter is now the hunted.

To save millions of innocent people from a brutal terrorist attack, Mitch Herron disobeyed his mission. Herron knows the cost of breaking faith with his employers – death, no matter what it costs them or how long it takes.

Now, with elite killers on his tail, Herron faces his toughest test yet. Except, this time, he’s the target. But as he fights to overcome the Enclave, Herron finds a deeper truth that threatens to consume him and his allies completely.

This battle in the shadows is no holds barred…

Buy The Shadow Enclave (Mitch Herron 2):

The nightmare is back.

Mitch Herron thought he’d destroyed The Enclave – the corrupt shadow organization he once killed for. But only hours after the victory that cost him so much, Herron finds out some enemies just don’t stay dead. The Master is alive and he has his sights locked on Herron.

With a new fight on his hands, Herron hunts his most deadly foe yet across the globe, prepared to do anything to crush the Enclave once and for all. Yet he soon finds out that in a battle to the death, the loyalty of allies can turn on a dime and enemies can become friends.

This is one battle that won’t stay in the shadows…

Buy The Lazarus Protocol (Mitch Herron 3):

There’s a new terror in paradise…

Mitch Herron has left his past behind. With his evil masters destroyed and his sins absolved, he’s found peace in the South Pacific. But when he’s drawn out of the shadows, Herron is snared in a deadly trap.

Soon, Herron finds himself in the middle of a brutal civil war between two corrupt factions. To escape an island descending into anarchy, he’ll be forced to confront a failure from his past.

This time, he won’t miss…

Buy The Capricorn Deception (Mitch Herron 4):

Retirement sounded so good.

When Mitch Herron’s plans go up in flames, he hunts down the crime cartel responsible, but his simple quest for vengeance soon twists into an unpredictable and deadly game. 

With his future and his identity on the line, Herron is forced to deal with old friends and new enemies down the barrel of a gun. Yet none of them were ready for the most deadly player of them all – Herron himself.

If he loses, his retirement might be permanent…

Buy The Azure Backlash (Mitch Herron 5):

One shot to stop an empire.

Mitch Herron has a bullet in his gut and a cell to call home. But when a problem arises that only Herron’s unique brand of carnage can solve, he’s put to work for his captor in return for the chance to keep breathing. 

As he plays his part in a gambit that will kill thousands and enslave millions, Herron balks when the mission gets personal. But extracting himself from this mess will mean defying an empire. 

If he fails, there’s a hole with his name on it.

Buy The Jade Stratagem (Mitch Herron 6):