Boxes & Standalone Novels

Boxes & Standalone Novels

If you want something badly, you’ll tear apart anyone who stands in your way.

Ashley Wheeler is hiding from her past. The only thing keeping her going is the love of her daughter, Lucy, who Ashley will risk everything to win back from her husband.

While she chases after her daughter, Ashley becomes the plaything of a killer she doesn’t know exists and a cop who’s happy to use her to get what he wants.

As their fates intertwine, Ashley will find out that indulging your obsession can put you on a collision course with others.

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The first four thrillers in the Jack Emery series: Fireplay, The Foundation, State of Emergency and Nations Divided.

Jack Emery is the best journalist on the planet, but when he uncovers a conspiracy that will rock America he’ll need all his skills to defeat it.

Faced with violence and deception, Jack will do whatever it takes to beat this conspiracy. Can he save the United States and millions of lives?

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The first three action thrillers in the USA Today bestselling Mitch Herron series: The Omega Strain, The Shadow Enclave and The Lazarus Protocol.

Mitch Herron is a deadly assassin. No stakes are too high for his unique set of skills, until a routine mission goes horribly wrong.

When Herron is forced down a deadly path to save millions of innocents, his only chance at redemption pits him against his shadowy employers. Can Herron prevail in a battle of killers?

In a fight for control of the shadows, only one side can prevail…

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