Coffee v Book (or, The Foundation 99c sale!)

I get it. I really do. It’s 8am on the morning before pay day and, bleary eyed, you’ve just finished your book on the train. Luckily you’ve got your trusty e-reader handy, meaning you’re able to conveniently purchase a new one for your commute home. You’ve even been eyeing one off – The Foundation by that dashing, handsome Steve P Vincent.

But… coffee. Coffee, you say. COFFEE! YOU SAY!


Luckily, Steve and the team at Momentum Books understand this dilemma all too well, so to help you out (and to celebrate the two month birthday of The Foundation), we’re fixing the problem for you. That’s just the kind of people we are.

We’ve got a sale for The Foundation happening at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google and all other major retailers!


Now you can have the caffeine for your veins and and thrills for your veins. Both will also increase your heart rate!