Jack Emery series update

Hi all Pleased to be able to share a few exciting things from the wonderful world of Jack Emery. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll have seen this already, but I know there’s plenty who get their news on here too. A week or so back I shipped off the manuscript for … Read more

Interview in Infusion Magazine

A few months ago I joined Danno D’Apranno from Infusion Magazine to talk about all things writing. It turned into the longest interview I’ve done about The Foundation, writing, publishing and what comes next. Thanks to Danno for having me. I had a lot of fun answering his questions. Check it out here.

The rules to write and drink by

I stopped by For the Love of Books and Alcohol to write a guest post, looking at the rules to write and drink by. This one was a lot of fun to write, one part serious and two parts tongue in cheek. I submitted it a while ago but glad it’s finally with us. Check … Read more

Coffee v Book (or, The Foundation 99c sale!)

I get it. I really do. It’s 8am on the morning before pay day and, bleary eyed, you’ve just finished your book on the train. Luckily you’ve got your trusty e-reader handy, meaning you’re able to conveniently purchase a new one for your commute home. You’ve even been eyeing one off – The Foundation by … Read more

The 10k Day

Tardy posting this blog post, it went up last week over at the Momentum site, but I was overseas so I’d thank you to spare me the noose. This one looks at how I write a chunk of words really quickly. And if I can do it, you might be able to as well! Maybe? … Read more

Interview with Big Thrill Magazine

Excited about this one. On the back of being accepted as an International Thriller Writers Association debut author, they asked to interview me for their magazine – The Big Thrill. I had a chat with the awesome Basil Sands about writing, The Foundation, Jack and Michelle, and what else is on the cards. Basil also … Read more